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Shri Vidhya Mandir College of Education  run by Shri Vidhya Mandir Charitable Trust which having 10 trustees running at  Gurusamipalayam Post, Rasipuram Tk,  Namakkal Dt. Tamilnadu State. Pincode 637403.

                  Shri Vidhya Mandir College of Education shapes its students' future by fostering a team work approach to instruction, encouraging interaction with faculty, providing access to high-tech information, motivating them to develop new ideas and concepts, taking personal interest in students' career development and preparing them for success.

                    We mould our students in such a way that their endeavors and interests transcend traditional boundaries. They do not seek to maintain status quo, nor settle for observing change; they rather hope to be powerful instruments of change using their dynamic serve to make their contributions to the world.



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